Tea Party to back any GOP nominee

All in the family - Dems & Repubs

All in the family - Dems & Repubs

Tea Party to back ANY GOP Nominee – including Romney, reports Foxnews.com, June 4, 2011. “”There is no way that we are going to support a third party candidate. It would split the vote and it would guarantee reelection for Obama, and we need to crush Obama we have to get him out of the White House,” says Tea Party Express chair Amy Kremer.

This is the mantra of the new Right and the mouthpiece media. Stick with the Republicans because any move to elect a 3rd party candidate guarantees another 4 years of Obama. Even though this is circular reasoning: a 3rd party candidate cannot get elected because it would siphon votes from Republicans – so don’t siphon Republican votes by voting 3rd party. In the meantime Rome burns. We have recently seen the fruit of the Tea Party RINO Reublicans in action. Did they put a stop to ever increasing debt ceilings? Of course not. Are they working on returning America to a sound monetary position? Of course not. Are Republicans putting a stop to unconstitutional wars all across the globe? Of course not. That’s why they were elected.

True 3rd Party Candidates from parties such as the Constitution Party would have voted No No No to any increase of the US debt ceiling. The Constitution Party will “end the fed” and return America to a sound monetary policy. American meddling in other country’s affairs and endless wars will stop under the Constitution Party.

That’s why the Constitution Party “can’t win”. That’s why the mouthpiece media emits sheep-like bleats on how the Republicrats and Demuplicans are the only answers for the financial disaster that is America today. Because the most dangerous situation for the oligarchs who seized control of Washington DC is for true Constitutionalists to come to power.

Constitution Party members in positions of power will put a stop to the endless unconstitutional legislation that is choking the life out of America, shut down the unconstitutional Federal Reserve that is destroying the value of American currency, demand an end to Presidential war decrees that have cost thousands of American lives and billions in taxpayer dollars, and eliminate ObamaCare for good. You can be sure the Reublicans and their comrades the Democrats will never do any of these important America Rebuilding tasks.

The Tea Parties are essentially an outreach for the Republican Party. They really don’t get it. If America’s problems rested solely on high taxes and regulations over businesses, yeah – maybe the Tea Party would be relevant. But America’s problems are much deeper – much more concentrated in the basic infrastructure that is modern American government. A government that insists the Constitution can be twisted to mean anything necessary to promote a permission based police state is a tyrannous government body. Modern US government can and does create new unconstitutional agencies like Homeland Security, the EPA, the Department of Energy, and hundreds more – while the Tea Party hardly says a word.

But, it’s all about taxes and some pesky regulations on businesses, isn’t it? That’s all that matters. If we could just have lower taxes and a few less regulations all would be serenity in the formerly free United States…

American citizens need 3rd party candidates to put a stop to the creeping tyranny covering the continent like a tsunami of septic waste. The only way to initiate real change in the US is to open the political arena to a discussion of ideas. Multiple parties running healthy campaigns for elected office is an ideal way to promote concepts such as a return to constitutional government.

W. Cleon Skousen in his landmark book, The Five Thousand Year Leap, wrote that America leap frogged all other cultures because of a mixture of solid Constitutional government and our Judeo-Christian heritage. I encourage you to read this incredibly important book and learn why the Republicans and Democrats not only will never solve any of the problems facing America today, but how they actually are encouraging American decline.

If we are not to have a 3rd party presence in America, than let’s get rid of one of the 2 big box losers and give America a real choice for a change. My choice is the Constitution Party. Read their platform and decide for yourself.


2 Responses to “Tea Party to back any GOP nominee”

  1. 1 Ricardo Davis June 11, 2011 at 4:43 pm

    You note, “The Tea Parties are essentially an outreach for the Republican Party.” They didn’t start out that way, but the GOP saw that unless they reign in the growing tide of discontent then their days as a national party would be come to an end just as it did for the Whigs.

    One way to disarm competition is to get on “their side” and use your resources to help them. Before long a loyalty is established so that you are trusted when you tell your former competition that it is in the best interests to let you start making decisions — like “we can’t support a ‘3rd party’ candidate because that’s is a wasted vote”. What that means is “the Constitution Party never wins elections.” But we are … but the Managed Media and Faux [conservative] News will never tell you about the elections we *have* won. The easiest way for the Republicrats to defend against electoral challenges is to continue to lie so that you won’t support a challenger. If they’re pressed then they’ll say things like, “Former Montana State Representative Rick Jore switched parties to the Constitution Party while in office and was defeated at re-election.” What they wont’ tell you is that Jore’s GOP opponent was the spoiler who could only muster 5% of the vote! Nor will they tell you that Jore ran for his state rep seat in a later election and won it outright!

    As long as the 2-Party Duopoly can convince you that you’re wasting your time outside of the “system” then you will give them the votes they need to stay in power. That is why GOP partisans in the TEA Party movement have a vested interest in steering their organizations to support the GOP and GOP-aligned organizations will gladly “help” various Tea Party groups in their efforts. These Republicans realize that if they bring resources to the table to help grow the Tea Party organizations then they will position themselves to influence the direction of the organizations. Thus we have come to the point where “The Tea Parties are essentially an outreach for the Republican Party.” I won’t say that’s a universal truth, however, because I know of quite a few Tea Party leaders and organizations that understand how the movement is being co-opted and are fighting it. Most of these folks are Independents and independent-minded Republicans and Democrats who understand the part the GOP has played in getting us into the mess we’re in as a nation.

  2. 2 Ricardo Davis June 11, 2011 at 5:06 pm

    With all due respect to “The 5000-year Leap” there are some points Skousen makes that are contradictory. The common understanding today of natural law isn’t that of Sir William Blackstone and others who understood natural law as given by the Creator and subject to Divine or Revealed Law in the Bible. Today natural law is that which all men can give assent to as those common obligations upon them regarding their interactions in the familial, community, and political contexts. Skousen is like most natural law philosophers today who would argue that the morality of natural law should be influenced by the Bible (and in his case the Book of Mormon), but the universal truth claims of the Bible regarding morality and law are subservient to natural law. Thus he can say that religion is necessary for the government of a free people but he never identified that our current national condition is rooted in our national apostasy from orthodox Christianity in word and application. In fact, Mormon teaching would say that it is their destiny to deliver America from the brink of destruction by instituting a form of government where their apostles and prophet are the head of government. We’ve gone from judges in colonial days who would freely quote the Scriptures as the foundation of a position at law to judges who reject such a claim outright because it appeals to the Scriptures.

    I contend that 1787 wasn’t an anomaly in human history, but rather another step in the ebb and flow of the outworking of Christian thought that began with the law God gave to Adam in Eden. For some good books to help fill the historical gap check out the list at http://www.christianlaw.co.za/resource/book/. The book “Explicitly Christian Politics” is a good start.

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