Vote No on Lamar County GA ESPLOST

You may be wondering whether you should vote Yes on the ESPLOST ballot, November 8. And you’ve undoubtedly heard all the reasons why you must support this tax levy. Some of the reasons include; threats to raise your property taxes if you don’t support it, this ESPLOST pays off the debt the last ESPLOST was supposed to cover, and my favorite; ESPLOST really isn’t a tax increase because it’s already there.

Colorado residents are in the process of voting for their own education tax called Proposition 103. It serves to raise nearly $3 billion in additional funding for public schools and universities. Like our ESPLOST, it is promoted as cost effective and relatively inexpensive. Colorado residents income taxes and Colorado corporate taxes would go up just 0.37%. (From 4.63% to 5.0%) Sales and use taxes would go up a tiny amount: just 0.1%. (2.9% to 3.0%)

Yet Proposition 103 looks like it’s DOA with 64% of the electorate voting against it as of this report. Why are the voters rejecting what looks like an easy Yes decision?


“I understand the plight of schools and everything, but personally, I don’t want to pay more taxes right now,” said Mike Tiderman, a 44-year-old customer service worker in Denver.

“We can’t help children by bankrupting their parents,” said Senate Republican Leader Bill Cadman.

Foxnews goes on to report:

“Many local bond and mill levy questions also lost badly in towns and counties across Colorado on Tuesday. From local school efforts to a question about building a new recreation center in Denver suburb, voters largely said no.

People in government need to understand that it’s not their money they’re spending. The time will come when they run out of other people’s money and that’s when the party is over.

The Lamar County ESPLOST comes out of a desire to spend other people’s money on programs both past and present. There is no guarantee that property taxes won’t go up if ESPLOST is passed. And passing of ESPLOST encourages local government to spend more and more.

If you really want to stop the government spending of your money, start with ESPLOST. But don’t stop there. Attend Board of Commissioner meetings and Board of Education meetings. Make new friends. Let your voice be heard.

Or stay home and let the robber barons tax you off your property and out of your home.

It’s your call. You have influence. Use it.

Robert Heiney
Representative Constitution Party Lamar County, GA

Robert Heiney’s comments are not necessarily representative of the Constitution Party Lamar County, State of GA, or the National Party.


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