State Convention Hosts Impressive Line-up of Speakers

The Constitution Party of GA held its statewide convention February 10 and 11 in Stockbridge. Speaker line-up included State Chairman Ricardo Davis, Iowa conservative talk radio show host Steve Deace, Dr. Jody Hice from Let Freedom Ring Ministries, Mike Griffin, Georgia Right to Life, Jeff Rayno, Constitution Party Coastal Empire, and Robert Heiney, Constitution Party Lamar County.

Ricardo Davis discussed ways to meet the challenges of 2012 with a speech titled, “Building on Eternal Principles”. Davis exhorted the audience to continue reaching out to all people within personal networks and not to compromise on any of the issues that cement together the strong biblical foundation of the Constitution Party. He reminded everyone that there is no substitute for old fashioned “door knocking”, “showing up at county fairs”… “phone calls”. Davis declared, “We’re all about action here!”

Steve Deace explained the profound differences between actions taken by right wing and left wing activists. The left wing works from the grass roots bottom up while the right tends to be a top down communicator. This makes it difficult to effectively communicate a conservative message that engages the person on the street. Deace offered five steps to creating an effective outreach to family, friends, and people you meet. First; bring back the Bible. Second; understand that the chain of command begins with God. Third; develop holy discernment to help you sort out what God wants and what the world is trying to sell you. Fourth; It’s about issues not personalities. Remember that especially when recommending a candidate. Fifth and last; integrate with all peoples, parties, and groups. Share the message.

Jeff Rayno asked, “What is Truth?” and proclaimed that the US is a nation under judgment for its actions. “[America] passed a health-care bill on a Sunday in a building that used to be a church”, Rayno said. And is it any wonder America is apostate when so many appear to be ashamed of the Gospel? Democrats are positioned as “compassionate” yet they are the ones who demand the right to abort babies. He encouraged the audience to learn and then teach the US Constitution and why it’s so important to American citizens. “What will you say on Judgment Day… did you choose God or the world?”, Rayno asked. “You’ve got to make a choice”, he concluded.

Dr. Jody Hice taught that the founding of America was an extremely radical idea in its time. A nation established under God, endowed by a Creator with unalienable rights, and everyone created equal was unheard of. He discussed Thomas Paine’s attempt to bring atheist and humanist concepts of the French Revolution to the Colonies through a book he wrote after visiting France. Benjamin Franklin read his book and then flatly told him to burn it. Hice pointed out that our system of government is based on God given – not man given – principles of right and wrong. “All the great universities were established to glorify, promote, and instill the Word of God unto the citizens of the colonies and ultimately the new nation.” Hice declared.

There are four dimensions separating humans from animals said Mike Griffin, Georgia Right to Life. They are spiritual, eternal (life after death), moral, and governmental. No animals possess these dimensions. We are way past the point where enough is enough when it comes to the subject of abortion. “If we can snatch a baby out of the safety of its mother’s womb and kill it, society can do just about anything it wants including seniorcide.”, said Griffin.

Griffin went on to discuss the concept of “personhood”. Roe vs Wade changed a baby in the womb into a “fetus” – something other than a person and a “thing” not protected by law. He said the same thinking applied at one time to Native Americans, African-Americans, and Women. God gives man certain unalienable rights and among those are life itself. Yet America has killed 53,000,000 + babies since Roe vs Wade. Romans 13 instructs us to protect innocent life and to punish evildoers. “If government can’t protect innocent life, it certainly cannot do health-care right”, declared Griffin.

The members of the Constitution Party GA approved the party platform and a Resolution on Agenda 21 policy. State officers were elected and delegates were selected to attend the Constitution Party National Meeting which will be held Wednesday, April 18, 2012 – Saturday, April 21, 2012 at the Sheraton Music City Hotel, 777 Mcgavock Pike Nashville, TN.

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Robert Heiney

Posts are not necessarily the opinion of the Constitution Party GA. or the Constitution Party National Committee, but are strictly the opinions of the poster.





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