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Smart Meters: The Latest in Home Security?

“Smart Meters” are being installed in homes and businesses all across Georgia by local utility monopolies. What makes “Smart Meters” smart? They collect your electric use data in “real-time” and transmit it wirelessly back to the utility (in Barnesville the utility monopoly is Southern Rivers Energy). This information is stored on the utility’s servers for a variety of purposes. The main advantage cited by Southern Rivers Energy (SRE) is greater service reliability, better quality of electric and quicker restoration of service after an outage. SRE claims Smart Meters will lower their costs because they no longer have to send a meter reader out. Instead, and this is important for you to understand – your use data is sent wirelessly, directly to their servers. SRE soothingly assures us, your use data can’t be hacked.

In spite of all the rhetoric for and against Smart Meters, there’s good reason to believe the following. Your electric use data will be on a utility’s server. That means any interested government party can demand that information from the utility. And the utility will hand it right over. In fact, the new NSA facility in Utah could simply tap directly into utility servers permanently – to fight the war on drugs, terrorism, and crime, of course. For those paying attention, the NSA, CIA, and the DHS have been very busy spying on ordinary citizens because doggone it, you just never know if those neighbors of yours are supporting Al-Qaeda, drug lords in Mexico, or are growing marijuana in their basement. SOMEONE has to watch out for you and that SOMEONE is Big Brother in the US federal government.

If you’re comfortable with that, then you’re going to be very comfortable and sympathetic with all US government 1984 Orwellian style surveillance programs. Go ahead and have your Smart Meter installed and let the government eye ball your electric use in real-time.

Another aspect of Smart Meters that SRE insists is not true is the future potential for remote control over your appliances in your home. You see, Smart Meters give the utility (SRE) powerful tools for controlling your electric use. Initially, this will be primarily at the meter pan level where they can remotely shut off or turn on your electric service. Any casual observer of computer networking systems will quickly understand that much, much more can be accomplished when you’re on the Smart Grid.

For example, smart appliances are now being manufactured that will communicate with your smart meter and consequently with the utility and your very helpful US government. The utility and the US government are interested in your electric consumption in context with the campaign for “Energy Independence and Sustainability” and mitigating those dangerous Green House Gasses (like CO2). If you refuse to get with the US government program and voluntarily cut your own energy use, the utility will be capable of remotely turning off or limiting the use of selected appliances through your Smart Meter.

But wait, let’s triple size your electric order. As you know, certain politicians are heavily invested in green technology. And their government position helps to ensure their investments are safe and sound. Solar power for example is “free” energy from the sun, right? From a utility electric generating position, solar and wind are actually far more costly on a cost per kilowatt than fossil fuels such as coal. Fossil fuel driven electric generators must be kept running on whatever fossil fuel they use because sun and wind are intermittent. That adds significantly to the cost of electric production. Lawsuits have been brought against Georgia Power to force it to purchase high priced solar power from one connected producer. PSC Commissioner Stan Wise has fought this and reports agendas like this have caused electric rates in Germany to soar to three times what we pay here in Georgia.

Smart Meters are capable of charging you based on the utility’s cost at the time of generating that electricity. As the utility is forced out of cheap coal and into expensive solar, you likely will be charged for your usage of the utility’s source for electric at that precise time of day. That means you could pay much higher rates for electric when the utility is purchasing solar or wind power. The US government has taken billions of your tax dollars to set up a system that artificially raises your cost of electricity, based on their political objectives. This is not free market – this is a Marxist centrally planned economy being constructed right before your eyes. And the bonus investment from your tax dollars is the government can monitor your electric use directly off the utility server.

SRE Annual Meeting 2013: August 24 Registration 8:00am


Is your vote safe here in GA?

Massive errors in voter rolls, states move to data sharing, online registration reports Fox News.

Candidate with no campaign, no budget, no web site, no volunteers – wins 60% of vote in SC.

Al Franken wins Senate race in 2008 by 312 votes but there are serious allegations that felons illegally voted.

Can you trust the election process? There is nothing more dirty, low down, filthy, than a corrupt election process. You truly live in a third world setting if you cannot trust the vote. Can you trust ours here in GA?

Please attend the Constitution Party of Lamar County meeting on Thursday, February 23 for a discussion on a variety of issues surrounding Georgia elections.

What: Constitution Party/Lamar County
Where: Pastime Grill, 208 Main St, Barnesville, GA 30204. (770) 358-1637
When: Thursday, February 23
Time: 7:00pm, or arrive early and have dinner. The food is good and reasonably priced.

Hope to see you there!

State Convention Hosts Impressive Line-up of Speakers

The Constitution Party of GA held its statewide convention February 10 and 11 in Stockbridge. Speaker line-up included State Chairman Ricardo Davis, Iowa conservative talk radio show host Steve Deace, Dr. Jody Hice from Let Freedom Ring Ministries, Mike Griffin, Georgia Right to Life, Jeff Rayno, Constitution Party Coastal Empire, and Robert Heiney, Constitution Party Lamar County.

Ricardo Davis discussed ways to meet the challenges of 2012 with a speech titled, “Building on Eternal Principles”. Davis exhorted the audience to continue reaching out to all people within personal networks and not to compromise on any of the issues that cement together the strong biblical foundation of the Constitution Party. He reminded everyone that there is no substitute for old fashioned “door knocking”, “showing up at county fairs”… “phone calls”. Davis declared, “We’re all about action here!”

Steve Deace explained the profound differences between actions taken by right wing and left wing activists. The left wing works from the grass roots bottom up while the right tends to be a top down communicator. This makes it difficult to effectively communicate a conservative message that engages the person on the street. Deace offered five steps to creating an effective outreach to family, friends, and people you meet. First; bring back the Bible. Second; understand that the chain of command begins with God. Third; develop holy discernment to help you sort out what God wants and what the world is trying to sell you. Fourth; It’s about issues not personalities. Remember that especially when recommending a candidate. Fifth and last; integrate with all peoples, parties, and groups. Share the message.

Jeff Rayno asked, “What is Truth?” and proclaimed that the US is a nation under judgment for its actions. “[America] passed a health-care bill on a Sunday in a building that used to be a church”, Rayno said. And is it any wonder America is apostate when so many appear to be ashamed of the Gospel? Democrats are positioned as “compassionate” yet they are the ones who demand the right to abort babies. He encouraged the audience to learn and then teach the US Constitution and why it’s so important to American citizens. “What will you say on Judgment Day… did you choose God or the world?”, Rayno asked. “You’ve got to make a choice”, he concluded.

Dr. Jody Hice taught that the founding of America was an extremely radical idea in its time. A nation established under God, endowed by a Creator with unalienable rights, and everyone created equal was unheard of. He discussed Thomas Paine’s attempt to bring atheist and humanist concepts of the French Revolution to the Colonies through a book he wrote after visiting France. Benjamin Franklin read his book and then flatly told him to burn it. Hice pointed out that our system of government is based on God given – not man given – principles of right and wrong. “All the great universities were established to glorify, promote, and instill the Word of God unto the citizens of the colonies and ultimately the new nation.” Hice declared.

There are four dimensions separating humans from animals said Mike Griffin, Georgia Right to Life. They are spiritual, eternal (life after death), moral, and governmental. No animals possess these dimensions. We are way past the point where enough is enough when it comes to the subject of abortion. “If we can snatch a baby out of the safety of its mother’s womb and kill it, society can do just about anything it wants including seniorcide.”, said Griffin.

Griffin went on to discuss the concept of “personhood”. Roe vs Wade changed a baby in the womb into a “fetus” – something other than a person and a “thing” not protected by law. He said the same thinking applied at one time to Native Americans, African-Americans, and Women. God gives man certain unalienable rights and among those are life itself. Yet America has killed 53,000,000 + babies since Roe vs Wade. Romans 13 instructs us to protect innocent life and to punish evildoers. “If government can’t protect innocent life, it certainly cannot do health-care right”, declared Griffin.

The members of the Constitution Party GA approved the party platform and a Resolution on Agenda 21 policy. State officers were elected and delegates were selected to attend the Constitution Party National Meeting which will be held Wednesday, April 18, 2012 – Saturday, April 21, 2012 at the Sheraton Music City Hotel, 777 Mcgavock Pike Nashville, TN.

Submitted by:

Robert Heiney

Posts are not necessarily the opinion of the Constitution Party GA. or the Constitution Party National Committee, but are strictly the opinions of the poster.




ESPLOST Discussion Thursday Constitution Party Meeting

How will ESPLOST affect you?

ESPLOST (early) voting has already begun in Lamar County. Most of the commentary surrounding the ESPLOST has concentrated on why you must support and vote for it.

Is that the final word on ESPLOST or is there another side to the story?

Come to the Constitution Party meeting on this Thursday night at the Pastime Grill. We meet for dinner and fellowship beginning at 6:00pm and the meeting begins at 7:00pm.

A short presentation on ESPLOST will be followed by a general discussion.

Hope to see you there!

Who will stand in the gap for America?

If you are going to be a conservative, then you have to go up there and stand up for us”

Rob Waterson
Tea Party Advocate, Suwanee, Ga

Why can't we just all get along?

Why can't we just all get along?

It looks like Senator Isakson (R) and Chambliss (R) are in the process of making a deal that will ensure at least a trillion in new taxes while cutting the deficit $3.7 trillion over the next 10 years. According to the Congressional Research Service ( ), this may not be anywhere near enough. The Republicans and Democrats over the past 100 years or so have spent themselves into a corner. Some economists believe that the US economy is too far gone to ever recover.

Warnings were issued decades ago that the big three entitlements: social security, medicare, and medicaid were going to consume upwards of 60% of the US federal budget by 2025. It may happen much sooner than that.

Congressional Research Service CRS reports, “The budget deficit (the difference between outlays and revenues) each year from 2009 to 2011 has been the highest ever in dollar terms and significantly higher as a share of gross domestic product (GDP) than in any other year since World War II. The budget is not projected to be on a sustainable path under current policy, in the sense that it would cause the federal debt to continuously grow more quickly than GDP. “

And the Federal Reserve Bank of NY warns, “The government has been increasing its spending ––particularly on such items as Social Security, Medicare, and, for a time, national defense –– at a rate faster than revenues have been growing. Also, there is a snowball effect resulting from each increase in the debt: as the debt expands, so do the interest payments.”

So the answer to all this is to raise taxes. Sure, the US will cut some spending. But they’ll never really cut to the heart of the problem. And that is excessive and unconstitutional spending. A few years from now, as the population continues to know less and ask fewer embarrassing questions thanks to the US government school system, you can expect even more Keynesian spending sprees and more wild swings back and forth as government spendocrats try to get a grip on an out of control economy. You’ll be saddled with more taxes and you’ll be characterized as unpatriotic by the mouthpiece media if you protest.

Government royalty figures such as Mr. Isakson and Mr. Chambliss have a different goal for US federal government than most of us serfs here in the US. They seek to maintain their high standard of living and the power given them by thoughtless predecessors who swapped our liberties for government hand-outs. The US today is unrecognizable from the US of 100 years ago.

As Mr. Waterson said, we need real men and women of integrity who will stand up for the common people, the middle class, who are footing the bill for the largess of the federal government. It’s way past time for a new breed of politician who will actually honor the oath to obey and protect the US Constitution. Only a principled group of people willing to sacrifice all can bring America back from the depths of socialist oligarchy, tyranny from a suffocating police state, and misery due to the death of our once great and productive economy.

The truth is Mr. Waterson, few Republicans or Democrats are going to “go up there and stand up for us”. Sadly but predictably, most are in it for the money and the power. You and the rest of the Tea Party members might want to take a fresh look at the Constitution Party platform.

Here’s a sample:

“A legitimate and primary purpose of civil government is to safeguard the God-given rights of its citizens; namely, life, liberty, and property. Only those duties, functions, and programs specifically assigned to the federal government by the Constitution should be funded. We call upon Congress and the President to stop all federal expenditures which are not specifically authorized by the U. S. Constitution, and to restore to the states those powers, programs, and sources of revenue that the federal government has usurped.”

And here’s the Constitutional background for this statement:

James Madison said: “The powers delegated by the proposed Constitution to the federal government are few and defined.” (Federalist Papers #45) The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people (Amendment X).

For all who are hungry for a return to constitutional government, breathe in this statement from the Constitution Party website:

“The sole purpose of government, as stated in the Declaration of Independence, is to secure our unalienable rights given us by our Creator. When Government grows beyond this scope, it is usurpation, and liberty is compromised.”

Come join us!

Lamar County meeting is on the 4th Thursday of the month at the Pastime Grill in Barnesville, GA, dinner at 6:00pm followed by our meeting at 7:00pm.

By Robert Heiney

The views expressed by Robert Heiney are not necessarily the views of the Constitution Party National HQ or the Constitution Party GA.

The US Constitution: Do you miss me yet?

The US Constitution: Do you miss me yet?

The US Constitution: Do you miss me yet?

You may have seen the little banner ads with a picture of a grinning George W. Bush waving and saying, “Do you miss me yet?”

With all due respect Mr. Bush, we at the Constitution Party don’t miss you and we would love to be missing Mr. Obama right about now, too. You see, both of you answer to elites in Washington DC who have an agenda to destroy the American dollar and replace it with a single global currency. Once they do that, it’ll be even easier for elites to control the flow of money.

This is urgent business for globalists because the jig is almost up at the Federal Reserve. You know about the Federal Reserve, don’t you? This is the official government sounding name on your paper money. And it’s the private bank with secret ownership that is oh so cozy with the US federal government. You might be asking and rightfully so, why a private bank, owned by secret people, have this exclusive right to produce American currency.

But don’t ask. You’re not supposed to know and anyway, how would the United States fund its Great Society welfare programs without the Federal Reserve. Forget that the Federal Reserve is basically an illegal construct created by good ole boys like the Rockefellers, the Warburgs, and the Rothschilds. And that there was once a time, way back in 1983(?) when the average American Serf could go look at some of the ownership of the Federal Reserve.

That was in the old days before America was blended in to European style socialism and our government became like the Monarchial governments of France and Great Britain. Looking back, it was a glorious time. You actually knew that the Federal Reserve was at least partially owned by European American Bank, National Bank of North America, Bankers Trust, Morgan Guaranty Trust, and foreign owned banks.

Today of course, the dollar is worth perhaps 5 cents versus its value in 1900. And incredibly, it still continues to decline in value.

For those of you who truly believe that it’s rich greedy oil companies jacking up the price of gasoline, please review how printing money out of thin air reduces that value of the dollar making you pay more for every item you buy.

The only way America can survive the attempts by the globalists to fold the US into a global empire by crashing the US dollar is to wrest control of Washington DC from the Democrats and Republicans. And that means voting for Constitution Party candidates or even Libertarians (I am a Constitution Party member).

Here’s the Constitution Party solution to America’s fiat money crisis:

The Constitution Party recommends a substantive reform of the system of Federal taxation. In order for such reform to be effective, it is necessary that these United States:

  • Return to the money system set forth in the Constitution;
  • Repeal the Federal Reserve Act, and reform the current Federal Reserve banks to become clearing houses only; and
  • Prohibit fractional reserve banking.

It is our intention that no system of “debt money” shall be imposed on the people of these United States. We support a debt free, interest free money system.

What liberty lovers actually miss is the Constitution – not more oligarchs like Bush and Obama.

By Robert Heiney

The views expressed by Robert Heiney are not necessarily the views of the Constitution Party National HQ or the Constitution Party GA.

Tea Party to back any GOP nominee

All in the family - Dems & Repubs

All in the family - Dems & Repubs

Tea Party to back ANY GOP Nominee – including Romney, reports, June 4, 2011. “”There is no way that we are going to support a third party candidate. It would split the vote and it would guarantee reelection for Obama, and we need to crush Obama we have to get him out of the White House,” says Tea Party Express chair Amy Kremer.

This is the mantra of the new Right and the mouthpiece media. Stick with the Republicans because any move to elect a 3rd party candidate guarantees another 4 years of Obama. Even though this is circular reasoning: a 3rd party candidate cannot get elected because it would siphon votes from Republicans – so don’t siphon Republican votes by voting 3rd party. In the meantime Rome burns. We have recently seen the fruit of the Tea Party RINO Reublicans in action. Did they put a stop to ever increasing debt ceilings? Of course not. Are they working on returning America to a sound monetary position? Of course not. Are Republicans putting a stop to unconstitutional wars all across the globe? Of course not. That’s why they were elected.

True 3rd Party Candidates from parties such as the Constitution Party would have voted No No No to any increase of the US debt ceiling. The Constitution Party will “end the fed” and return America to a sound monetary policy. American meddling in other country’s affairs and endless wars will stop under the Constitution Party.

That’s why the Constitution Party “can’t win”. That’s why the mouthpiece media emits sheep-like bleats on how the Republicrats and Demuplicans are the only answers for the financial disaster that is America today. Because the most dangerous situation for the oligarchs who seized control of Washington DC is for true Constitutionalists to come to power.

Constitution Party members in positions of power will put a stop to the endless unconstitutional legislation that is choking the life out of America, shut down the unconstitutional Federal Reserve that is destroying the value of American currency, demand an end to Presidential war decrees that have cost thousands of American lives and billions in taxpayer dollars, and eliminate ObamaCare for good. You can be sure the Reublicans and their comrades the Democrats will never do any of these important America Rebuilding tasks.

The Tea Parties are essentially an outreach for the Republican Party. They really don’t get it. If America’s problems rested solely on high taxes and regulations over businesses, yeah – maybe the Tea Party would be relevant. But America’s problems are much deeper – much more concentrated in the basic infrastructure that is modern American government. A government that insists the Constitution can be twisted to mean anything necessary to promote a permission based police state is a tyrannous government body. Modern US government can and does create new unconstitutional agencies like Homeland Security, the EPA, the Department of Energy, and hundreds more – while the Tea Party hardly says a word.

But, it’s all about taxes and some pesky regulations on businesses, isn’t it? That’s all that matters. If we could just have lower taxes and a few less regulations all would be serenity in the formerly free United States…

American citizens need 3rd party candidates to put a stop to the creeping tyranny covering the continent like a tsunami of septic waste. The only way to initiate real change in the US is to open the political arena to a discussion of ideas. Multiple parties running healthy campaigns for elected office is an ideal way to promote concepts such as a return to constitutional government.

W. Cleon Skousen in his landmark book, The Five Thousand Year Leap, wrote that America leap frogged all other cultures because of a mixture of solid Constitutional government and our Judeo-Christian heritage. I encourage you to read this incredibly important book and learn why the Republicans and Democrats not only will never solve any of the problems facing America today, but how they actually are encouraging American decline.

If we are not to have a 3rd party presence in America, than let’s get rid of one of the 2 big box losers and give America a real choice for a change. My choice is the Constitution Party. Read their platform and decide for yourself.

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