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The US Constitution: Do you miss me yet?

The US Constitution: Do you miss me yet?

The US Constitution: Do you miss me yet?

You may have seen the little banner ads with a picture of a grinning George W. Bush waving and saying, “Do you miss me yet?”

With all due respect Mr. Bush, we at the Constitution Party don’t miss you and we would love to be missing Mr. Obama right about now, too. You see, both of you answer to elites in Washington DC who have an agenda to destroy the American dollar and replace it with a single global currency. Once they do that, it’ll be even easier for elites to control the flow of money.

This is urgent business for globalists because the jig is almost up at the Federal Reserve. You know about the Federal Reserve, don’t you? This is the official government sounding name on your paper money. And it’s the private bank with secret ownership that is oh so cozy with the US federal government. You might be asking and rightfully so, why a private bank, owned by secret people, have this exclusive right to produce American currency.

But don’t ask. You’re not supposed to know and anyway, how would the United States fund its Great Society welfare programs without the Federal Reserve. Forget that the Federal Reserve is basically an illegal construct created by good ole boys like the Rockefellers, the Warburgs, and the Rothschilds. And that there was once a time, way back in 1983(?) when the average American Serf could go look at some of the ownership of the Federal Reserve.

That was in the old days before America was blended in to European style socialism and our government became like the Monarchial governments of France and Great Britain. Looking back, it was a glorious time. You actually knew that the Federal Reserve was at least partially owned by European American Bank, National Bank of North America, Bankers Trust, Morgan Guaranty Trust, and foreign owned banks.

Today of course, the dollar is worth perhaps 5 cents versus its value in 1900. And incredibly, it still continues to decline in value.

For those of you who truly believe that it’s rich greedy oil companies jacking up the price of gasoline, please review how printing money out of thin air reduces that value of the dollar making you pay more for every item you buy.

The only way America can survive the attempts by the globalists to fold the US into a global empire by crashing the US dollar is to wrest control of Washington DC from the Democrats and Republicans. And that means voting for Constitution Party candidates or even Libertarians (I am a Constitution Party member).

Here’s the Constitution Party solution to America’s fiat money crisis:

The Constitution Party recommends a substantive reform of the system of Federal taxation. In order for such reform to be effective, it is necessary that these United States:

  • Return to the money system set forth in the Constitution;
  • Repeal the Federal Reserve Act, and reform the current Federal Reserve banks to become clearing houses only; and
  • Prohibit fractional reserve banking.

It is our intention that no system of “debt money” shall be imposed on the people of these United States. We support a debt free, interest free money system.

What liberty lovers actually miss is the Constitution – not more oligarchs like Bush and Obama.

By Robert Heiney

The views expressed by Robert Heiney are not necessarily the views of the Constitution Party National HQ or the Constitution Party GA.


H.R. 2164: Another excuse to legislate instead of mitigate

Bring the whole family!

Bring the whole family!

What do politicians do when they fail to solve the most basic of problems such as the illegal immigrant problem? Why, they simply force the solution on business owners instead. The federal government as an agent for the states, has a number of limited enumerated powers (see the 10th Amendment). One of these is to protect our borders. But while Congress, the Senate, and the President are busy protecting the borders of Afghanistan and Iraq, and keeping 130 or so other countries “safe for democracy”; their solution to a US overrun with illegal immigrants is to place yet another government burden on business owners. The latest assault on business comes in the form of a bill, The Legal Workforce Act (H.R.2164).

In a nutshell, the bill a/k/a Mandatory E-Verify, requires business owners to submit the name and social security number of each new hire to a central federal government database where government bureaucrats get to decide whether your hire is here illegally or not. Of course the federal government never makes mistakes, right? If an employee turns up “illegal”, you the business owner is required to terminate immediately. It all sounds so rosy. Business owner logs into the government database, illegals are identified and unhired, our illegal immigration problem is solved.

According to, “With the current error rate of .8%, 8,000 of every million workers would receive an erroneous response from the government. But that’s probably underestimating the error rate. Places already using E-Verify have experienced much higher error rates. L.A. County, for example, audited its use of E-Verify and found that between 2.0% and 2.7% of E-Verify findings were erroneous. According to Tyler Moran, policy director at the National Immigration Law Center, this means that in a mandatory system, 3-4 million workers would have to fix their records. It would be as if all of the residents in Los Angeles had to visit a Social Security or DHS office to keep their jobs.

There are many horror stories about people trying to correct errors in government databases. It can take weeks, months, and even years to fix an error. In the meantime, what would you do if your records were incorrect and you were terminated? I suppose you could always emigrate to another country.

But going back to the beginning, isn’t it the federal government’s responsibility to protect our borders? Article 1. Section 8 of the US Constitution gives the job of defending US borders to the federal government: “The Congress shall … provide for the common Defense and general Welfare of the United States.” We can readily see that they are derelict in that duty with some estimates of 20,000,000 illegals living in the US.

The President of the United States is required under the US Constitution to “take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed, and shall Commission all the Officers of the United States.” (Article 2. Section 3)

Yet Congressman Lou Barletta reports on his website; “The Legal Workforce Act will be another federal law that goes unenforced. The federal government has been unwilling to aggressively enforce immigration laws in the workplace, and this law will be no exception. There is zero likelihood that the current administration will go after employers who fail to use E-Verify or who knowingly help their employees circumvent the system (which is very easy to do by using a U.S. citizen’s stolen name and Social Security number). In contrast, states like Arizona have been very effective in enforcing their own laws. In Arizona, dozens of worksite raids have occurred. That is why the number of illegal aliens in Arizona dropped 16 percent between 2008 and 2010 — more than double the national average (of 7 percent).”

If the law won’t even be enforced as predicted by elected officials such as Congressman Barletta, why bother? Here are some possible reasons:

  1. It gives the federal government another handcuff to place on American business and opens the door for further intrusions.
  2. The Legal Workforce Act gives a “workplace amnesty” claims Congressman Barletta; “ to virtually all of the illegal aliens who are already employed in the United States. Illegal aliens already working in the United States cannot be subjected to E-Verify unless they work for state or local governments (sec. (b)(3)(A), p. 26). The Legal Workforce Act is clearly designed to keep the current population of illegal aliens employed and working in the United States in the country, so they would still be here if amnesty is granted in the future.
  3. “Special Interest Groups want to take the immigration issue off the table in the 2012 elections. Knowing the huge popular support for these state laws, Special Interest Groups want to eliminate them, and at the same time (falsely) claim that the issue of illegal immigration in the workplace is now resolved. Illegal immigration is an issue that voters consistently rank in their Top 5 issues of importance, and it needs to be used, not buried, in the 2012 elections, claims Congressman Barletta.
  4. Democrat victories can be assured if the illegal immigrant issue is not resolved. And it’s likely H.R. 1264 won’t solve any problems but deliver yet another false promise from a government increasingly lacking in credibility.

The illegal immigrant problem can be fixed by:

  1. Enforcing existing federal laws. Tea Party Organizers report on policy at Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), “Our officers are already under orders not to make arrests or even talk to foreign nationals in most cases unless another agency has already arrested them; you won’t find that written in any public ICE policy, alleges Chris Crane. With regard to the entire idea of prosecutorial discretion, Agents say they will have none. “Tell any ICE agent he or she will have the final say on making an arrest or holding someone in custody and they’ll tell you you’re crazy, officers will be ordered not to make arrests and failure to comply will result in the end of the agent or officer’s career, that’s business as usual at ICE.
  2. Complete the border fences on both borders, Mexican and Canadian. The US Government Accountability Office says, “Much of the United States’ 6,000 miles of international borders with Canada and Mexico remains vulnerable to illegal entry of aliens, criminals, and cargo.” reports, “Department of Homeland Security officials told us they have finished 649 out of 652 miles of fencing (99.5 percent), which includes 299 miles of vehicle barriers and 350 miles of pedestrian fence.” That means that just over 10% of our borders have some sort of security fence in place. And that’s if you can call this “security fence”. Much of it has been characterized as something “your grandmother could hop over”.
  3. Elect true Constitutionalists to office who understand the limits and enumerated powers of each level of government.

NumbersUSA, an advocacy group aimed at lowering illegal immigration reports 4 more co-sponsor the Mandatory E-Verify bill (H.R. 2164). The new sponsors are, Reps. Duncan Hunter (R-Calif.), Walter Jones (R-N.C.), Phil Roe (R-Tenn.), and our own Lynn Westmoreland (R-Ga.).

The bill is unconstitutional and delivers more power to an already out-of-control US federal government. It should be killed and a more responsible solution sought.

By Robert Heiney

The views of Robert Heiney are not necessarily representative of the views of the Constitution Party National HQ or the Constitution Party GA.

Agenda 21: The United Nations Take-Over of American Towns

Give us a king to judge us.
And Samuel prayed unto the LORD.
And the LORD said unto Samuel,
Hearken unto the voice of the people in all that they say unto thee:
for they have not rejected thee, but they have rejected me, that I should not reign over them
1Sa 8:6-7

UN Logo

The UN: coming to govern your town?

How would you like to answer to the United Nations in every aspect of your life, right down to the local community you live in? For some people, the US Constitution, the unique American way of life, our prosperity, our success – just isn’t good enough anymore. These same people want to force Marxist-Socialism on the American people through a One World Government centered at the United Nations. Imagine a world where your fake money was no longer issued from the private banking cartel a/k/a the US Federal Reserve, but instead your fake money would be a single global fiat currency issued by a Central Bank somewhere in Europe. One day, that may be the only legal tender. Chilling thought.

Taking it a step further, picture your community abiding by regulations, fees, and taxes, set by a bureaucracy again, somewhere in a United Nations edifice. Believe it or not; routine tasks such as setting your own thermostat, driving your vehicle wherever you want it to go, owning a firearm because you want one, building a house your way, using your property the way you see fit, and much more – may come under the control of the United Nations under the New World Order promoted by Republicrats and Demuplicans – the fake two party system running America into the ground.

Agenda 21 is a United Nations program that is being implemented in US cities across the nation – 600 and growing. It seeks to place the yoke of socialism over all Americans by selling the fake concepts of environmentalism, energy sustainability, and peace. Each of these Orwellian mind manipulations simply lull the lazy and unconcerned frogs in the pot of water into sitting there till the pot boils them to death.

Consider the latest Agenda 21 program sponsored by our ever vigilant Republicrats in the GA General Assembly along with their spiritual leader, Governor Nathan Deal. HB 225 recently signed into law, “that it shall be the policy of this state to promote sustainable agriculture… which may include but not be limited to such critical outcomes as increasing agricultural productivity and improving human health through access to safe, nutritious, affordable food and other agricultural products, while enhancing agricultural and surrounding environmental conditions through the stewardship of water, soil, air quality, biodiversity, and wildlife habitat, so as to meet the needs of the present and improve the ability for future generations to meet their own needs while advancing progress toward environmental, social, and economic goals and the well-being of agricultural producers and rural communities.”

Since when must we rely on the government to “increase agricultural productivity”, provide “access to safe, nutritious, affordable food…”? How did the US ever manage to feed its people for 300 years or so without the central planning capabilities of a federal and state government? HB 225 is bad enough in that it suggests a much greater role of the state government in shoving farmers around and telling them how they will plant, grow, harvest, and sell their crops; under new “biodiversity, air, water, soil, and wildlife habitat” rules that likely will grow from this piece of legislation.

Yet it gets worse. Those who study the efforts of One World Government, United Nations promoters will tell you the wording in HB 225 is distinctly UN Agenda 21 language. This means we have a model piece of UN legislation right here in Georgia – who woulda thought this could ever happen here?

Georgia Public Broadcasting reported (May 13, 2011) “The governor [Nathan Deal] will be meeting with the Minister of State for Trade, and Business and Enterprise, and having a round table with entrepreneurs and businesses there that are involved in public-private partnership.” Your ears need to perk up when you hear this code for screwing the American public. Basically, it’s big businesses and big government getting together to build grandiose spending projects with – you guessed it – your money! Transportation projects coupled with big developer schemes such as building “walking neighborhoods” around transportation hubs are just the tip of the iceberg. But more importantly, these concepts issue forth from UN Agenda 21 planning.

The idea is to restrict your movements by herding you into “walking neighborhoods” where you are dependent on a central source (the public-private partnership) for water, food, transportation, and just about everything else you need for life. Ultimately, you will have your thermostats set for you by a central planning committee. Your travel will be limited to the extent of public transportation. Your food will be chosen to ensure you don’t gain too much weight and overtax the Socialist Government Medical System. Your internet access will be monitored to protect the community from “dangerous people who engage in dangerous activity. Your right to defend yourself from thugs will be removed because all guns will be banned.

The central hub in the new UN planned community is the government school which continues to churn out servbots for the New World Order, who complacently accept the restrictions on liberties in exchange for government happy meals and a plasma television. After all, they’re taught this in school from kindergarten through 12th grade. Those who don’t conform, simply end up classified as losers and are ostracized from mainstream society, to be closely monitored for anti-social behavior. Since every US citizen will have their entire medical history, credit profile, work experience, and social behavior logged into a government database; it will be easy to keep a government watchful eye on “troublemakers”.

Who sponsored HB 225? Why our good friend Representative Susan Holmes (125th Dist) along with Terry England (108th Dist), and Tom McCall (30th Dist) – all Republicans. Aren’t you glad your Representatives are up there in the Gold Dome protecting your Constitutional Rights? I mean, passing legislation that amounts to integrating UN legal language into GA State Law works for you – doesn’t it?

And those dirty Democrats are always passing Socialist legislation. That’s why we elect Republicans – right?

Incredibly, nearly every State Representative and Senator voted to pass this bill and Republican Nathan Deal signed it. Like the scripture passage above, our governing officials have rejected the Bible, the US Constitution, and the will of the people.

This all ties in nicely with Mr. Obama’s latest US federal government war against the American public in the form of more unconstitutional meddling, this time in the rural sector. I’ll write more about this in a future post.

What’s the solution? Demand answers from your State Representatives and Senators. Ask them how they could support UN law in the state of GA. Don’t be surprised if they look like deer caught in the headlights of your car. Most of these elected officials are clueless and never should have been elected to public office in the first place. And the remaining few – they are corrupt money and power seekers and couldn’t care less about you, the Bible, or the US Constitution.

Get rid of them next election. It’s your turn to enforce term limits by voting them out of office. Just about every sitting Senator and Representative in GA needs to go.

Let’s get some new life in the GA General Assembly. Write-in, if you have to, Constitution Party candidates in the next election and take back your government from the thugs in office and the United Nations.

And if you don’t … just sit back and let the UN take control of every aspect of your life. Your children won’t know the difference. They’re attending the indoctrination camps (public schools) right now and like the people in the Invasion of the Body Snatchers movie, will be the new dumbed-down citizens of tomorrow who will do what they’re told – or else.

By Robert Heiney

The views expressed here do not necessarily reflect the views of the Constitution Party National HQ or the Constitution Party GA.

Tea Party to back any GOP nominee

All in the family - Dems & Repubs

All in the family - Dems & Repubs

Tea Party to back ANY GOP Nominee – including Romney, reports, June 4, 2011. “”There is no way that we are going to support a third party candidate. It would split the vote and it would guarantee reelection for Obama, and we need to crush Obama we have to get him out of the White House,” says Tea Party Express chair Amy Kremer.

This is the mantra of the new Right and the mouthpiece media. Stick with the Republicans because any move to elect a 3rd party candidate guarantees another 4 years of Obama. Even though this is circular reasoning: a 3rd party candidate cannot get elected because it would siphon votes from Republicans – so don’t siphon Republican votes by voting 3rd party. In the meantime Rome burns. We have recently seen the fruit of the Tea Party RINO Reublicans in action. Did they put a stop to ever increasing debt ceilings? Of course not. Are they working on returning America to a sound monetary position? Of course not. Are Republicans putting a stop to unconstitutional wars all across the globe? Of course not. That’s why they were elected.

True 3rd Party Candidates from parties such as the Constitution Party would have voted No No No to any increase of the US debt ceiling. The Constitution Party will “end the fed” and return America to a sound monetary policy. American meddling in other country’s affairs and endless wars will stop under the Constitution Party.

That’s why the Constitution Party “can’t win”. That’s why the mouthpiece media emits sheep-like bleats on how the Republicrats and Demuplicans are the only answers for the financial disaster that is America today. Because the most dangerous situation for the oligarchs who seized control of Washington DC is for true Constitutionalists to come to power.

Constitution Party members in positions of power will put a stop to the endless unconstitutional legislation that is choking the life out of America, shut down the unconstitutional Federal Reserve that is destroying the value of American currency, demand an end to Presidential war decrees that have cost thousands of American lives and billions in taxpayer dollars, and eliminate ObamaCare for good. You can be sure the Reublicans and their comrades the Democrats will never do any of these important America Rebuilding tasks.

The Tea Parties are essentially an outreach for the Republican Party. They really don’t get it. If America’s problems rested solely on high taxes and regulations over businesses, yeah – maybe the Tea Party would be relevant. But America’s problems are much deeper – much more concentrated in the basic infrastructure that is modern American government. A government that insists the Constitution can be twisted to mean anything necessary to promote a permission based police state is a tyrannous government body. Modern US government can and does create new unconstitutional agencies like Homeland Security, the EPA, the Department of Energy, and hundreds more – while the Tea Party hardly says a word.

But, it’s all about taxes and some pesky regulations on businesses, isn’t it? That’s all that matters. If we could just have lower taxes and a few less regulations all would be serenity in the formerly free United States…

American citizens need 3rd party candidates to put a stop to the creeping tyranny covering the continent like a tsunami of septic waste. The only way to initiate real change in the US is to open the political arena to a discussion of ideas. Multiple parties running healthy campaigns for elected office is an ideal way to promote concepts such as a return to constitutional government.

W. Cleon Skousen in his landmark book, The Five Thousand Year Leap, wrote that America leap frogged all other cultures because of a mixture of solid Constitutional government and our Judeo-Christian heritage. I encourage you to read this incredibly important book and learn why the Republicans and Democrats not only will never solve any of the problems facing America today, but how they actually are encouraging American decline.

If we are not to have a 3rd party presence in America, than let’s get rid of one of the 2 big box losers and give America a real choice for a change. My choice is the Constitution Party. Read their platform and decide for yourself.

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